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Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from back in the ’80’s and ’90’s? The original series had 184 different titles (gamebooks) and showcased the work of 30 different writers (fascinating history, if you’re into that kind of thing). I devoured so much literature as a kid that I honestly don’t even remember which one I liked the best…But regardless of the path you, the reader, chose in these creative pieces of fiction, there was always something you learned on your selected pathway. Sometimes it was merely learning that you didn’t like the ending that occurred when you skipped to page 76. Or that turning into a yeti at the end just didn’t do it for you, entertainment-wise. Personally, I think the coolest thing was that you could simply go back and try it again. Yes, it took a little bit of time (but I loved to read, so who cares?) and patience, but it always seemed worth it when you explored all the different opportunities. You could take chances you may never have realized were options in the first place. If it had been only one predetermined ending, think of everything you would’ve eliminated from existing in your story.


  • Paddle boarding at lake avalon

    Paddle boarding at lake avalon

    One of the biggest draws of Bella Vista, AR, is the opportunity for outdoor activities. It was a huge part of what brought us to NWA in the first place, and Bella Vista has a lot to offer as far as activities and resources to enjoy. The town was originally developed as a retirement community, and my…

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  • the cost of mature trees

    One of the things that give older homes some of their charm is the mature landscaping that is usually on the property. Big old trees provide a certain aesthetic, as well as shade, character, and a habitat for animals. I really love trees, as a rule, but I am also really tired of owning homes…

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  • Devil’s Den State Park

    Devil’s Den State Park

    Good company, a cozy cabin, and rain that wasn’t constant. These were some of the ingredients that made for a lovely weekend staying at Devil’s Den State Park near West Fork, Arkansas. John and I hadn’t been camping since moving to AR a year ago, and this was the perfect way to ease back into…

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  • The cost of a bathroom

    Galvanized pipes, leaky fixtures, seriously damaged tile (that was on both the floor and the walls), and barely enough room to use the toilet. Plus, just a general feeling of “eww.” These were the takeaways on my first walkthrough of the Tulsa investment property. As an out-of-state investor, I’d made the offer with a quick…

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  • mid-term rentals: The What & why

    mid-term rentals: The What & why

    You know about rentals: maybe it’s an apartment, a single-family home, one side of a duplex, or your parents’ vacant trailer behind their house. Either way, almost everyone has had the experience of renting a place to live for a period of time. Typically, these one-year leases are referred to as long-term rentals. For real…

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  • My First float on the buffalo

    My First float on the buffalo

    I steered the canoe just fine. No one drowned, nothing was lost, we just got a little wet. Which is to be expected and is all just part of the experience, really. I saw about 30+ turtles (they were everywhere!), finally figured out where Steel Creek Campground is (people always seem to mention this one…

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