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Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from back in the ’80’s and ’90’s? The original series had 184 different titles (gamebooks) and showcased the work of 30 different writers (fascinating history, if you’re into that kind of thing). I devoured so much literature as a kid that I honestly don’t even remember which one I liked the best…But regardless of the path you, the reader, chose in these creative pieces of fiction, there was always something you learned on your selected pathway. Sometimes it was merely learning that you didn’t like the ending that occurred when you skipped to page 76. Or that turning into a yeti at the end just didn’t do it for you, entertainment-wise. Personally, I think the coolest thing was that you could simply go back and try it again. Yes, it took a little bit of time (but I loved to read, so who cares?) and patience, but it always seemed worth it when you explored all the different opportunities. You could take chances you may never have realized were options in the first place. If it had been only one predetermined ending, think of everything you would’ve eliminated from existing in your story.


  • 5 Takeaways from Painting kitchen Cabinets

    5 Takeaways from Painting kitchen Cabinets

    It wasn’t that I thought cabinet painting was easy. I’d talked to enough friends who’d tried it that I knew “easy” wasn’t the right descriptor. I was just confident that it would be easy for us. Also, I knew that time was running out and that this project needed to be finished by the time…

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  • Why move to arkansas?

    Why move to arkansas?

    When is the last time you remember taking a giant leap of faith, while also taking someone along for the ride? Mine was moving to Arkansas almost a year ago. I’d been in Colorado for 13 years, basically my whole “adult” life, and was terrified to make the leap. Yet, ready for a change and…

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  • welcome to your investment

    welcome to your investment

    I didn’t actually see the cockroach myself, but my mother would have no reason to lie about such a thing. My best hope was that it was a loner cockroach just out for an evening stroll on its own. I really didn’t feel like socializing with its friends that Friday night. We had our first…

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  • So you want to be a real estate investor….

    So you want to be a real estate investor….

    Becoming a profitable real estate investor wasn’t going to happen overnight. I also longed to find a W2 job I was really passionate about. These two things didn’t need to be mutually exclusive. The main thing holding me back was that neither one was currently happening. Around October of 2021, my boyfriend got a copy…

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  • The Mid-South?

    The Mid-South?

    The first time I heard reference to the term was early 2020, in regards to a gravel bike race somewhere in Oklahoma. My mission, which I chose to accept, was to chauffer a close friend, Veronika, and her two-wheeled companion, Nelson, to the town of Stillwater and act as support crew to them during a…

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