The cost of a bathroom

Galvanized pipes, leaky fixtures, seriously damaged tile (that was on both the floor and the walls), and barely enough room to use the toilet. Plus, just a general feeling of “eww.” These were the takeaways on my first walkthrough of the Tulsa investment property. As an out-of-state investor, I’d made the offer with a quick […]

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My First float on the buffalo

I steered the canoe just fine. No one drowned, nothing was lost, we just got a little wet. Which is to be expected and is all just part of the experience, really. I saw about 30+ turtles (they were everywhere!), finally figured out where Steel Creek Campground is (people always seem to mention this one […]

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The Mid-South?

The first time I heard reference to the term was early 2020, in regards to a gravel bike race somewhere in Oklahoma. My mission, which I chose to accept, was to chauffer a close friend, Veronika, and her two-wheeled companion, Nelson, to the town of Stillwater and act as support crew to them during a […]

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