Paddle boarding at lake avalon

One of the biggest draws of Bella Vista, AR, is the opportunity for outdoor activities. It was a huge part of what brought us to NWA in the first place, and Bella Vista has a lot to offer as far as activities and resources to enjoy. The¬†town was originally developed¬†as a retirement community, and my […]

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Devil’s Den State Park

Good company, a cozy cabin, and rain that wasn’t constant. These were some of the ingredients that made for a lovely weekend staying at Devil’s Den State Park near West Fork, Arkansas. John and I hadn’t been camping since moving to AR a year ago, and this was the perfect way to ease back into […]

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Why move to arkansas?

When is the last time you remember taking a giant leap of faith, while also taking someone along for the ride? Mine was moving to Arkansas almost a year ago. I’d been in Colorado for 13 years, basically my whole “adult” life, and was terrified to make the leap. Yet, ready for a change and […]

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