the cost of mature trees

One of the things that give older homes some of their charm is the mature landscaping that is usually on the property. Big old trees provide a certain aesthetic, as well as shade, character, and a habitat for animals. I really love trees, as a rule, but I am also really tired of owning homes […]

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welcome to your investment

I didn’t actually see the cockroach myself, but my mother would have no reason to lie about such a thing. My best hope was that it was a loner cockroach just out for an evening stroll on its own. I really didn’t feel like socializing with its friends that Friday night. We had our first […]

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The Mid-South?

The first time I heard reference to the term was early 2020, in regards to a gravel bike race somewhere in Oklahoma. My mission, which I chose to accept, was to chauffer a close friend, Veronika, and her two-wheeled companion, Nelson, to the town of Stillwater and act as support crew to them during a […]

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